Saturday, 5 January 2013

Comedy Night

So last night at the Ergon Energy Main Arena we were enetertained by comedians We were lucky enough to have Josh Thomas (Talking about my generation - Channel 10), Space Cowboy, Carpe Idiotos, Crack Up Sisters and Dean Atkinson and Woof.

The night was full of laughs and Josh Thomas was just great with the Scouts. It appears he was one himself and kept pulling Scouts up on stage to have their moment in the lime light.

First up were the Carpe Idiotos and they did some fun things with Silver tubing. Then came the Crack Up Sisters who were really cool with the weird dresses and cracking whips. Event he Scouts were clapping along to the crack of the whip at one stage.

Between each act, Josh would come out and do more things with the Scouts. At one stage he had a heap of Scouts dressed in costumes. They then at the end he was group hugged to the floor.

The third act was Space Cowboy, who is a sword swallower and currently has 27 Guinness World Records to his name. His current title is swallowing 24 swords. It was gruesome to watch, especially when he mounted a very high unicycle to juggle swords and a chainsaw (an yes the chainsaw was real!)

The final act was Dean Atkinson and Woof the dog. Dean did ask the Scouts Australia Chief Commissioner - Reg Williams - up on stage and used him as the dummy. As a ventriloquist he was very funny and the Scouts loved it, especially when Woof came out and was just hilarious.


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