Friday, 11 January 2013

The Vendors

They are the understated people of this Jamboree. Our vendors that have been serving up coffee, milkshakes, frappes, boost juices, jam donuts (awesome by the way), hot chips, burgers and sausage sizzle. In hot work places and getting very little thanks for the hard work they have put in.

Just to give a few more stats, the Escape It Coffee vendor have been serving leaders close to 3,000 coffees, frappes and ice drinks over the past two weeks. It is a must for leaders to drink coffee so we can keep pace with the Scouts :). I believe it is now a mandatory part of the training to ensure that you drink your coffee in a multiple formats - relaxed, rushed, on the run, in the heat of battle and the OMG it has gone cold again :)

Then there is our lovely Jamboree store team selling ice-creams, soft drinks and merchandise from AJ2013. We have heard a report that two of the team have been doing battle to see who can sell the most by days end. The battle is apparently even.

This team has worked hard and been able to handle all situations, even when the soft drink ran out yesterday on a hot day. Lovely Lesley has pulled the stats and the Milo ice creams have been the most popular with 696 sold, all up 3,000 ice creams  have been sold, 315 bottles off water, 1,415 soft drinks (including Coca Cola) and another 148 other types of drinks sold also. Huge effort, and this does not include the merchandise sold.

John from the post office who has had to deal with 1,500 letters home.

To our poor Boost Juice team, who have been very busy in the main mall selling their wonderful fruit mixes. They have been very deep with Scouts most of the time, and let's not mention Market Day.

To our Rovers for manning the Frozen Coke machine. At one stage they were down to one machine and have been able to keep them pumping out.

To our lovely ladies, and gentlemen, that have been rostered to man the Lions Club stands. Word is they have sold over 500 cups of chips per day on average in the Chip cart, plus double that on Market Day. That is roughly 7,000 buckets of chips over the their time at AJ2013. Some of the money raised in this stall will be to put to good use in the local area.

The Lions hamburger cart have sold over 1,300 burgers and another 1,300 sausages, add to that the amount of Lions mint packets, approximately 1,200 and they are having a remarkable time.

Our ladies on from Kruzn Coffee have bee hard at it for the entire Jamboree selling milshakes - coffee drins to Scouts in not allowed onsite. On average they are selling 450 milkshakes a day and on Market Day around 750. That works out at around 6,000 drinks sold. Poor cows that needed to be continually feeding that line!

 Then there is the Rotary Crew, who have had hot donuts, both jam and cinnamon, and chips to sell. The numbers have really clocked up here, they have sold over 1,560kg of chips and 17,000 donuts. They are about to run out of donuts today - some very sad people will be walking around tomorrow.

And finally to our Frat tent store holder who have been out in the field selling we can;t thank you all enough for the efforts put in.

To all our vendors, we wish to thank you fo taking the time to come and share your wares with us and we hope you have enjoyed your time at AJ2013. I know we have loved having you here.

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  1. "Lovely Lesley" says THANK YOU for the support and the Blog. It is great to see the hardworking team in the Scout Trading Post recognised for the dedication. They were amazing and I would happily work with them anytime.


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