Friday, 11 January 2013

Leaders get down and dirty

The program people are very nice to us leaders and support crews from time to time. Some of the activities have been opened for us to try out. I have heard the flying fox was a hit as has been the Climb It and Water slide.

But nothing can compare to having to complete the Challenge It course at Challenge Valley. It was certainly a challenge for the over forty range and started show that maybe some of these things are best left to the young. 

Mind you two of the JAM Communication team (Stephen and Quinton), who are updating this site, got in on the act,. Our Marketing Director - Robyn Devine - even showered us in buckets of mud to help make us just that little bit more filthy. However, we were able to pay her back in kind at the end.

It was certainly a nice break from the routine, even though the body this morning is signing a very different tune!

It was a long slow walk back to the showers!

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