Saturday, 12 January 2013

Logistics walk out in protest

There was drama at the The Shed yesterday when the Logistics staff marched up AJ2013 Drive in protest for 'more work and less pay!' In an odd twist in workers rights, these members of the Logistics team must have been suffering from insomnia, exhaustion and dehydration.

The protest did turn slightly violent when the team crashed through the security barricades, knocking down the only security guard on duty at the time. The strangest thing was it all happened outside the police station onsite, and the police just turned away. Maybe they realised if they got involved they might not get fed again!

The Logistics marched all the way to the Stables, where the service leaders are fed each night. They took their complaints to the catering team to see it their lousy conditions could be worsened . To their surprise they were granted their demands. They all left happy knowing they had won their cause.

From there they marched down the mall chanting - Logistics Rule, they were showered by the fire fighters in a sign of acceptance and then demanded the radio station interview then to advocate workers rights.

OK - in all seriousness, they did actually demand an extra couple of zeros to their pay! This was actually granted also!

Ok Ok, enough silly stuff - to the Logistics team, you have worked extremely hard, in difficult conditions - heat, long day and very hard work. You have been the backbone to the this Jamboree, it does not matter if we are in the troop lines or in the offices or out on activities, if we don't get fed the hospitals would be continually busy and no one would have any fun. There will never be enough thank you's to express our gratitude for the immense efforts the Team Leader -Tim and the crew have done to make it all happen.


To the kitchen staff of the service leaders area. Your food has  been wonderful, you have pout in every effort to us fed and the long hours you have also pulled are very much appreciated. Well done and you all deserve a big pat on the back.


  1. The Logistics Team, the unsung heroes of Jamboree. Yes, meals came late on some days, but we all got fed. If you didn't get a chance to visit 'The Shed' during Jamboree, you missed an Activity in itself. They worked 24 hours a day. I actually arranged for one of my Duty Patrols to visit the Shed to show just how much work was involved in supplying food to each Troop, with no 2 Troops food requirements being the same. I thought that they would be just looking through the fence, but they got taken up onto the Catwalk, so they could see it better.
    In the Desert corner store, wewere fortunate to have 'Care Bear' and Tim. I could certainly see how she got her name of Care Bear.
    Bravo for the Logistics Team

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