Saturday, 12 January 2013

Final Day

Today is the final day. The place is slowly coming down. most of the Camp ground will be down by this afternoon. The Troops will likely be sleeping under the stars tonight as they all ready for the journey;s home.

The first buses will leave at 11pm tonight and the final bus will leave sometime after 12pm on Sunday, Jan 13.

This is the day when it all gets real that our 12 days of fun, are coming to a close. The raw emotion will pour out this evening once the Closing Ceremony is done. This will be a difficult time as those with new friendships from other states or around the world, realise they will not see each other again for awhile.

However, how many new friends will be created via Facebook after this fantastic and very memoriable camp.

As we here at JAM Communications help dig in and pack up we will go silent today, but will be back later tonight to close out and p[rovide information onthe closing ceremony and the special guests that are arriving. The buzz is certainly on as it has leaked out who it will be. Unfortunately you will have to wait until later before we can reveal it to you.

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