Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 1 wrap up

Ok so what a day we have had here today. the rest of the contingents arrived, Timomatic pumps the night away and we suffer a hot and humid day.

 The Scouts were all out walking the site trading badges and sucking on Boost Juice, sculling down Coke, and anything cold - Iced coffees were big too - to kill the heat (34 degrees and around 50% humid. Nowhere to escape.

The JAM Media centre thought they were the center to be at, as everyone was popping in. IT was only when it got too crowded it was wasn't the buzzing personalities it was the air conditioning they were in love with. Rejection is hard to take! :(

For day 1 it was a good day. Lots of people walking around and having a chance to trade badges, meet new people, get the rest of their AJ2013 packs, obtain the AJ2013 blanket badge and locate the radio station where it will be all happening during the evenings.

Oh what will tomorrow bring!

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