Wednesday, 2 January 2013

JAM Daily Newspaper online

Want to see what the Scouts at AJ2013 are waking up to and reading over breakfast. You can now download the JAM Daily newspaper. The official AJ2013 newspaper.


  1. Not sure where to find the link to JAM Media, so please would you pass this meesage on.
    In your search for special scouts, get in touch with Bryony Glass in Troop D05 from Western Australia, who is at her second Jamboree. Bryony turns 15 tomorrow (January 6). D05 left Perth on new years day for the January 2nd Jamboree start, so Bryony _just_ snuck in before the cut off age by a matter of days! As to 100 days under canvas, I'm not sure she quite manages that, but with Queensland Jamboree, she should be up at at least 70, if not more. Heather Glass (her mum)

    1. Hi Heather, if you go over to the uwebsite and toch on the Home menu option a drop list will show and you can send this via a Jamogram. It will be faster and more direct.

      Stephen Hughes
      JAM Communications Team Lead

    2. Stephen, Thanks for that, but that just takes me to messages to contingents, not to JAM Media. My post was not to get a message to my daughter, but in response to the Shout Out request from the newsletter production team in the day 3 newsletter for Special Scouts. Specifically the request was for Shout Outs from or about scouts who are on their second jamboree, and/or with 100 nights under canvas. Thanks! Heather Glass


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