Friday, 4 January 2013

Sum it up in five words

Scouts and Leaders are being asked to sum up the first two days in as little as five words,  hard but they are trying.

+ Alex from Beaudesert (D57) - It's an epic journey!
+ Rylie from Coloundra (D57) - Two great days, two great acts!
+ Jack from Highfields (D57) - Lots of amazing fun!
+ Sam from Highfields (D57) - It is pretty cool!
+ Peter - Leader - Coloundra (D57) - QLD does it better!

+ Justine from Kingston Tas (O11) - The honey ants!
+ Max from 1st Mullaloo (H49) - It is very awesome!
+ Yanik from 1st Mullaloo (H49) - It's been great so far!
+ Zane from Goollal Greenwood WA (H49) - Missing pies and sausage rolls!

Hopefully more will start rolling in.

We will try and get more as we wander around.

Thanks Scouts and Leaders for this great stuff.

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  1. QLD certainly seems to be doing it better. I am just so impressed with the activities available and the amount of effort you guys seem to have put into this event. Well done. I am from NSW and have seen the last Jamboree on visitor's day and from what I have seen on the web so far, you guys have outdone 'us'. Great achievement. I want to be 12 again and join in on that playground.


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