Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Sites & Services Team

So where would we be with out the Sites & Service Team. These people really get the crappy jobs - yes  they are the toilet cleaners, general maintenance, rubbish removalists and many more jobs that need to get done.

Just like the Logistics people they are hard at work behind the scenes doing the jobs that most just don;t want to know about. It is their level of care that makes our lives that much easier on site.

Thank you all for the hard work that you have put in. We are truly grateful that you are there to do the jobs that no one wants to talk about. Seal of approval to you!


  1. Thankyou for making the Jamboree a successful and enjoyable holiday for out kids, you are the unsung heros behind the scenes well done

  2. The Support Services Team do a great job. However the toilet and shower cleaners are employed by the Green + Clean Team. These hard working people are not pictured above but wore the distinct green high-vis shirts. We have spent almost 2000 hours cleaning showers and toilets during AJ2013. For the record there are 385 showers, 335 toilets, 40 urinals and 210 hand basins on site. These have been washed and sanitised twice daily.

  3. do you possibly mean the sites and services team, not to get to picky but i believe that the support services team answer phones and assign service leaders ect.


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