Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 6 - Market Day and more

So Day 6 was expected to be the big day. Traditionally there is always one day that is set aside as a market day. It tends to line up with Future Scouts Day and Visitors Day.

Future Scouts Day is where Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts and any potential wanna-be Scout can come onsite and have some fun on some of the activities. It is a way for Scouts Australia to spur the younger Scouters to remain in the fold and see what they can do in the next section. 

Market Day is where the Troops are provided with Spend-It money. 

This is a chance for those budding entrepreneurs to get out and spruik and sell their wears. Some of the more popular 'sale items' were sponge throwing at heads, water slide, many sideshow games, rides in carts, the pots and pan band who would go away if paid, just to name a few.

The Troop that earnt the most money on the day was to be rewarded at the end. We have heard a flag lollies. We are still yet to hear the name - may be in the JAM Daily in coming days.

We were inundated with many, many visitors yesterday. With all activities stopped for Scouts, everyone was onsite for this day. Add to this more than 3,000 from around the area and other places in Australia we were packed solid yesterday. All those that endured the long wait at the Maryborough Speedway we tip our hats to you for your patience as we processed you through.

We had heard that the wait in the queue was over an hour long and on top of this there were traffic problems related to those coming in. Feedback after the event was the wait was worth it.

Here are more pictures for of the crowds.

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