Thursday, 3 January 2013

So this morning was alive and well with the Scouts up and about ealry. For those heading to Explore It they were on the buses by 7am for the trip to Australia Zoo. This is around 2 hours back twoards Brisbane.

Just walking around the site this morning the hot items are - the Frozen Coke and Boost Juice vans.

The Waterslide is up and operational and they are getting wet as they come down. The smiles say it all.

Also we are seeing the Scout put to the challenge with Wheelchair Basketball and Air Blower Volleyball.
There are many, many, many more exciting challenges for them in the next few days.


  1. Enjoying the videos, keep them coming!

  2. Unfortunately we have had to cease uploading at this time. We were hoping to deliver them too you all but it just isn't going to play nice for us.

  3. How do we get copies of the videos on the page?


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